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On your wedding day, what matters most is bringing together you, your partner, and your friends and family to celebrate your love. Your wedding can be a great success without costing a fortune, it can be simple and still be a beautiful celebration. In the end, you'll be married, and what could be better than that?

My goal is to make your wedding special, no matter the budget, location, time constraints, or family issues. I'm here to support you in all capacities and to be your advocate throughout the tricky planning process. I believe in doing things your own way and creating a celebration that's unique to you and your partner. Your wedding day should be joyous and free of stress, and that's where I come in to handle the logistics from the very beginning to the last dance (and really, long after that to clean up!).




Hi, I'm Casey! I guess you could say I've always loved weddings - in Kindergarten, I was the bride in a mock wedding (our "honeymoon" consisted of being pulled around the playground in a red wagon). More recently, I planned my own wedding to my middle school sweetheart and came to enjoy everything about the planning process. For me, nothing is more rewarding than helping a couple navigate the crazy world of wedding planning and seeing everything come together in a beautiful celebration of love. In my spare time, I love cooking, hiking, playing board games, drinking craft beer, and snuggling with my feisty orange cat.


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